About Us

East Anatolian Gunstock Blanks

We are located in Bitlis, Turkey, where we have been working extremely hard for the last 25 years. We harvest all of our own products with our experienced and very hard working teams. In other words we are not a broker.

We supply the highest quality of blanks to the fine gun makers and gunsmiths worldwide directly or through international brokers. Our mission is to supply the best quality of blanks for many more years.

We believe that we are the only manufacturer and supplier that can offer the best quality of this rare wood in large quantities!

These very old trees that are grown in rugged and rocky mountains are much stronger and durable; however, this makes it very difficult for our experienced teams to climb and transport the slabs/blanks. We usually cut the slabs in the field and carry everything on mules and donkeys back to town. This is extremely difficult job and needs very professional people. That’s why we are very proud of our hard working teams and we appreciate their efforts.

We would be very happy to see you at our home Bitlis and show you the best collection in the world.

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