East Anatolian Gunstock Blanks

There is no doubt that the best quality wood for fine gunstocks come from the steep and rugged mountains of East Anatolia. This old world walnut tree is also known as Turkish or Circassian walnut. Walnut trees can be found in many different parts of the world; however not every walnut tree has the perfect quality for a very strong, durable and attractive gunstock.

In order to find the best quality, there are several important criteria to consider; age of the tree, if it is a wild or planted tree, the climate, rain, moisture, wind conditions, terrain and soil type, steepness, minerals in the soil, processing and drying…

Here in the rugged mountains of East Anatolia all conditions are perfect for the desired type of trees to grow naturally for centuries. Our trees are very special and strong!

The quality of our products is at the highest level and we are proud to offer the finest gunstock blanks in the world.